Understand TEKS

3rd - 5th Grade Math

We create small group
learning teams

where students feel safe to

make mistakes and master

new math concepts

Help students who are at risk of failing to pass STAAR Math

  30-minute pull-out ~ SMALL GROUP TUTORING ~ 2-3 days per week


Step 1: Create supportive learning teams where students learn how to celebrate mistakes, focus their attention and relish the challenge of learning new math concepts.


Step 2:  Deliver TEKS Unpacked curriculum using effective instructional techniques.

Instructional Techniques

Number Talks

  • Practice mental math 
  • Discuss alternative strategies
  • Explore alternative solutions

Hands-on Math

  • Explore mathematical relationships 
  • Uncover patterns
  • Solve problems

Problem Solving Techniques

  • Be Comfortable Using:
  • Problem solving algorithms 
  • Measurement tools 
  • Role play

Fluency without Fear (facts)

  • Build fluency recalling math facts:
  • Explore patterns
  • Play fluency building games

Math Games

  • Reinforce newly learned skills
  • Build fluency
  • Build math confidence 

Practice STAAR Test

  • Practice number talks on STAAR questions
  • Solve STAAR questions in group
  • Solve questions individually and review solutions in group 

Retired Math Teacher - Tom Massey

Ready to Help Principals Meet STAAR Math Objectives

Born and raised in East Los Angeles, I developed the ethics of hard work and community involvement. I have the instructional skills to help students develop the fundamental understanding of math that will prepare them for the work world and advanced math.

My Expertise

 I developed my understanding of math and the importance of developing a math-mindset through years of experience as an analyst in the military and in industry. I am prepared to help students develop fundamental understanding that will prepare them for success in high school and beyond. 

  • K-6 Certification (Life) 
  • 4-8 Math (Renewing)

Math Training/Study

  • Opening Eyes to Mathematics (Visual Math Certification)
  • Fraction Bars®  3rd – 8th Grades
  • TEKS Unpacked 3rd – 5th Grades
  • Number Talks
  • Stanford University’s Fluency without Fear and Mathematical Mindset 

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In School Tutoring

 We can provide selected students a supplemental learning experience removed from the distractions of the classroom. 

In small groups, we can create a focused environment where students can learn how mistakes and misunderstanding are key launching points to explore and to discover new concepts. 

After these discoveries, we can then practice how to display their knowledge on a STAAR test.

This tutoring experience substantially improves student’s confidence and improves performance on state test. 

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